Ladies rule mens’ business: Marissa Mayer changing Yahoo! and Angela Ahrendts takes over Apple

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Marissa Mayer

Born May 30, 1975 in the USA, graduated from Stanford University with masters degree and is specialist in artificial intelligence. Marissa is married to Zachary Bogue for 4 years and they both have one child, a boy named Macallister. The Finnish descent beauty was hired to work for Google as the first female engineer in 1999. In 2012 Marissa was appointed as CEO to revitalize Yahoo! Since she joined Yahoo! she supervised a 1.1 billion dollar acquisition of Tumblr and implemented multiple employee related policies. Since she joined the company Yahoo! stock price doubled. Marissa earns over 39 million dollars a year.

Amazing articles on Marissa by Vogue and Vanity Fair:

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer: Hail to the Chief

Yahoo’s Geek Goddess

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Angela Ahrendts

Born June 12, 1960 in the USA finished Ball State University and has 3 children with her husband Gregg whom she met in elementary school. They married after 17 years of long distance relationship when they were in they 30s. Angela worked in the fashion industry developing products and brands right after her graduation. She reshaped Burberry making the company’s profits rise from 2 billion pounds to 7 billion pounds. In spring 2014 she will join Apple. Angela is one of the highest paid CEO’s making over 26 million dollars.

Further readings about Angela’s magic:

Burberry’s CEO on Turning an Aging British Icon into a Global Luxury Brand


Who is your favorite businesswoman?

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